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Story: Long ago, 400 years before our hero's story, the world was at peace and it thrived under the rule of two powerful deities, Aurelian and Dryden, those two beings kept the very fabric of the universe intact. Aurelian being a deity of light and creation and Dryden being a deity of darkness and destruction. Together those two make sure balance is kept, but one day something went off in Dryden's mind. Thoughts of power and betrayal, making his mind up to carry out these thoughts an epic battle between him and Aurelian followed determining the fate of the world. Dryden defeated Aurelian and locked his spirit deep inside a chamber of dungeons only to be found by a true hero; now 400 years later the world is ripe with chaos, monsters and magic and it's up to you to defeat the darkness, free Aurelian, restore the light and become the next god of balance.

A 3D action RPG I have been working on, this is not the pre-alpha it's just an early version of the pre-alpha, with enough support I plan to make this a good game. I uploaded this version in a rush but expect a large update next week!

Next update:
Fixed AI Damage
Added dungeon
Villagers might be added
Better quest system.

Controls: H for switching between first person and third person view (Third person is recommended), W,A,S,D or arrow keys for movement, '1' for mage ability, press left mouse button 4x for warrior combo press once for mage fireball

Development log


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I haven’t released the update yet because I’m busy; I’ll definitely work on it though so check back this weekend

sorry everyone turns out there's an error in my file, I'll fix it!