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Story:  The wise ones tell of a battle older than time, a battle of two gods, Aurelian and Dryden and of their daughters, Ecrea and Ayste, after the victory of Dryden the world was plunged into darkness, the wise ones called this day the day of shadows for from the shadows new evil had been born but where there is darkness there is also light, although Aurelian was defeated Ecrea goddess of life lived on and she made a blessing, that one day a chosen band of heroes will free the world from it’s everlasting darkness.

A 3D action RPG I have been working on, this is an early prototype/Pre-Alpha and with enough support I plan to make this a good game, I'll be releasing a good prototype every few months. This game is being built with Unreal Engine 4.

Next update:
Prototype 0.1.3

Credits (More will be added soon):

Published Nov 12, 2017
AuthorAethersoft Studios
Tags3D, Action RPG, Fantasy

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